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Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne endorses and stocks the following brands.

Tuscan Tan Skin Care

Self Tan mousse, pH balance skin wash, Tinted Tan Extender, exfoliating Sugar Scrub.

The Tuscan Tan™ range of skin care products are formulated to correctly prepare the skin prior to the spray on tan application and to maintain the condition of the skin afterwards whilst extending the life of the tanning.

Bridal Accessories

A touch of elegance for your special day. We stock a range of wedding bridal accessories: earrings, hair pins, head bands, fascinators and veils.

Each item is handmade and created with high quality components such as swarovski elements, rhinestones, pearls, feathers and more.


Real Butterfly and Orchid Jewellery

We have lovingly captured this transient beauty, created by the union of time and nature, to be enjoyed for an eternity.

The butterfly is an evolving creature – from egg to caterpillar to pupa to butterfly, the life cycle of a butterfly is indeed a wonderous journey of nature. Butterflies normally live between 7-25 days. The butterflies which are preserved in our real butterfly jewellery live in butterfly reservations, where they live out their natural life cycle. Thereafter, their bodies are carefully collected and preserved in acrylic resin over a period of 4 days. The finish is a 24 karat gold hand application around the wings and body of the butterfly. Rather than being thrown away, the butterflies are then recycled into a further evolving transformation – our distinctive butterfly jewellery, where their beauty and memory is preserved and honoured, adorning the bodies of butterfly lovers

Satori Mine Fascinators

Satori Mine Fascinators are beautifully crafted by hand, using sentimental ornaments, feathers, charms, beads and diamontes, crystals, ribbon and unique fabrics from around the world. Each fascinator is produced only once ensuring for the wearer an individual custom made design. Our unique range includes simple to Lavish designs. Perfect for the races, weddings, costume parties, balls, presentations, or just a night out on the town.

We Love Face Painting online store

We Love Face painting offers everything and more that you would need for your face painting requirements. We stock our recommended products to help you achieve best results.

TK’S Lashes

You will be amazed by this fantastic product and will never go back to wearing normal mascaras!
Open up your eyes and wear less makeup with TK’s Lashes, which can extend your own natural lashes up to 300%! You will feel younger and sexier and at the same time save on the hassles of spending countless money on expensive mascaras that dry out too quickly and give you that panda smudged eye look. TKs lashes are easy to apply, smudge proof, water resistant and will last you up to an incredible 3- 5 months of applications. This is a must have product!