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Permanent makeup lasts up to three to five years and reduces the worry and time of applying makeup. Sleep, swim, perspire, wash, cry and your makeup remains in place! Cosmetic tattooing also know as permanent makeup and micropigmentation, is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of skin. This state-of-the-art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe.

People who would benefit from Cosmetic Tattooing:

  • With demanding lifestyles – with little time to apply makeup
  • Prevention of lipstick bleeding
  • Loss of natural lip pigment line, commonly lost through sun damage, or pale lips
  • Allergy sufferers – sensitive to conventional makeup
  • Physically active – who want to look great in all their activities
  • Alopecia – loss of facial hair: eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Motor impaired – physically incapable of simply applying makeup
  • Visually impaired – glasses, contact lenses
  • Men and women – who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features
  • Post surgery / injury – to help redefine facial features after accidents, or strokes
  • Reducing visibility of scars
  • People that simply want to look their best at all times



The Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation, the ideal shape and color tattoo you want to achieve is discussed in depth.

A makeup simulation is created, whereby we draw on the design of the tattoo. The points on the face are measured, to complete a perfectly placed symmetrical tattoo.

The colour of your hair and your natural skin tone are noted, in order to select a tattooing colour that best suits your look and compliments how you wear your makeup on a day- to -day basis. We have a large range of pigments, so we will help you to choose the right colour for you.

It is encouraged at any consult or procedure that you thoroughly view the technician’s portfolio to make sure you have a clear understanding of both the effect of the tattoo and the technician’s work.

The Procedure

At the commencement of the procedure, a photograph is taken to begin your client file, along with filling out a Client Indemnity form. A topical cream anesthetic numbs for roughly 20 minutes. We then create a makeup simulation for client approval in order to create the desired effect, by drawing on the exact shape of the area to be colored. This is used to guide us, providing the opportunity to ensure that the balance and symmetry is perfect and that you are happy with the final outcome you will have, on completion of your procedure.

The colour is gently applied to the area with more anesthetic cream utilized during the procedure allowing us to ensure that the relevant area is numb.

We will continuously show you the progress of your tattoo with sitting you upright to guarantee your satisfaction and to continuously check it’s 100% symmetrical.

After The Procedure

After the procedure, we thoroughly discuss the aftercare instruction and also provide you with a client after care pack, which includes the instructions discussed along with a antiseptic healing cream. An after photo is taken prior to you leaving the salon as a record of your treatment.

The follow up “perfecting” procedure:

Four to eight weeks after the initial application, an all-inclusive perfecting follow-up procedure is required to top up the lines and colour of your new tattoo. We encourage the client to analyse their tattoo, to clarify whether they are feeling comfortable with the shape. At this session, we can lift the tattoo colour and extend the length or thickness if desired. It is essential that we complete this perfecting touch up before the end of 8 weeks, in order to guarantee the longevity of the tattoo. Failure to attend this follow up appointment in the required timeframe, will result in the pigment fading, and possible additional costs being incurred later.

Baby Steps: The CTM Application Technique

Most people worry, what if something goes wrong? It is very extremely difficult to provide a unsatisfactory result as long as you are honest while filling out the indemnity form , and take the time to look after your tattoo properly.

CTM guarantees satisfaction with the “Baby Steps Method” technique. Rather than rushing into having overly thick eyebrows or liner that you might later regret, our professionalism and trained eye will help you ease into your new -found tattoo .This method ensures that there is no room for error. You might realise either a shorter, thinner, or lighter tattoo is what you prefer the most. It’s always easier to add to your tattoo rather than having to remove it later.

How long will my tattoo last ? Discolouring, Fading & Longevity

Our pigments are semi- permanent, which is ideal for facial tattooing. As people age, their faces change as gravity influences facial features. The semi permanent pigment allows us to alter your tattoo as it fades to suit your changing face and hair colour changes. Each individual’s skin will metabolise pigment at different rates over time, breaking down the colour to eventually fade.

Touch Ups and Maintenance

Some women’s eyebrow tattoo appears slightly orange – red over time. The tattooist may have misjudged the diagnosis of the tattoo based on the pigment and their skin tone. This can be easily fixed.

Tattoos will fade faster if not properly maintained. Lifestyle choices and the selected color of their tattoo will also influence the frequency of required touch ups . Influences such as strong AHA skin care products, smoking, or too much sun exposure, may result in discolouring, and the need to come in sooner for a touch up. Brunettes will generally hold eyebrow pigment longer than blondes do.

Important tips: Aftercare

Adhering to the strict to the aftercare instructions is vital in terms of the tattoos final pigment and shape. This will also play a major role in determining how often you will need to come in for future touch up sessions.

Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions