Picoway Skin Laser Treatments


Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Reduce acne scars and wrinkles, scarring and stretch marks. We can treat ALL skin types.

Improve skin pigmentation and benign lesions such as:

We can safely treat Fitzpatrick up to 1-5 skin types! Picoway laser technology pulses in picoseconds – one hundred times shorter than Q-switch lasers. This means risks such as hypopigmentation and scarring are significantly reduced.

Is PicoWay or PicoSure better?

The PicoWay laser outperforms the PicoSure laser with its superior peak power. While the PicoSure merely peaks at 0.36GW, the PicoWay has a peak power of 0.9GW. This is noteworthy because more power conclusively means more compelling removal of a tattoo! With all of its advantages, it’s easy to see why the PicoWay laser has supplanted the PicoSure as the most competent tattoo removal system on the market.

Get treatment sessions of Dermalux FLUX LED phototherapy:

Ready for beautiful skin? From your initial treatment, your skin will undergo rebuilding, energising and revitalising. Cumulative benefits result in glowing skin, and people notice your fabulous skin.


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