Cosmetic Tattoo Removal


Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Plasma Pen: If you’re wanting to only remove a tiny area (silver), we would most likely use the Plasma pen to remove it instead of going into the laser route. This will have a regeneration effect on the skin and lift the pigment successfully in only 1-3 sessions.

Lip Saline Removal: A salty saline solution that we tattoo into the skin to break up the unwanted pigment. This will work more like an osmosis effect rather than laser being primarily lymphatic. Very effective treatment helps to prevent corrosion and improve the biocompatibility of the titanium and going dark.

Laser Eyebrow Removal: If you want to remove the entire brow, only partially or only a little area, we can help! We will advise you on the best method for your personalized journey. With a laser, we can zap most of the darker color (i.e., carbon) out of the brows. After the carbon is gone, a slight reddish hue may be left on the skin, we would target laser 532 red to get to normal. Alternatively, you may need more than 1-3 with how much to achieve to get your natural brows back.


Brow Colour correction: If you like your brow and design, we can tattoo with either red or orange, to just need to neutralize the pigment in order to get your grey brows to brown!


Best to send pictures if you’d like to see how we can help!


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