Cosmetic Tattoo Removal


Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne


If you have a tattoo, you would like to correct please contact us so we can thoroughly consult you for a free phone consult or come on in for us to have a look. We always like to see images of the tattoo before being able to quote and suggest the right measures to take to solve the issue.

Colour correction: There are options for what we can do! We might colour correct the tattoo without having to go through the removal process altogether. This is a great option for any tattoo that has an unwanted discoloured red or flat hue. This is very easy to fix and can save you time and money.

Targeted removal: If you have an asymmetrical shape, we remove areas that are out of desired brow shape and colour to correct the rest of the brow once fixed.

Full removal: Please keep in mind, we only do full removal when completely necessary. Please send through photos or book in for assessment.

Our solution contains milled sea salt, purified water, lemon seed extract, orange seed extract, and aloe. Implanting the solution into the dermis skin breaks up the healed pigment and lifts out of the skin with an osmosis effect.

Results will vary depending on the client’s skin condition, health profile, the ability to heal well and the type and colour to be lightened.

Procedures have a minimum of 4-8 weeks for healing time depending on the client and the area treated.

Areas we can treat: eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and any small body art (size of a deck of cards)


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