Tooth Gems



A tooth gem is a small jewel or crystal that is attached to a tooth using a dental adhesive. Tooth gems are used to add a touch of sparkle to a smile and they can be customised to match the individual’s personality and style. We only use the best quality gems (lead free) such as 18K gold, Swarovski crystals and 100% authenticated pieces.

The procedure is quick and painless and it involves cleaning the tooth’s surface before applying the adhesive and attaching the gem. If you are needing to get it removed, it can be easily removed by a dentist or dental professional without causing any damage.

Once the gem has been applied there may be some glue residue left around the gem on the tooth, this will wear off in 1-2 weeks from regular brushing and eating.

Tooth gems can last anywhere from 2-24 months.

We have a 30 day warranty policy with your new tooth bling! If any of your gems fall off within 30 days of application, we will reapply free of charge.


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