Frequently Asked Questions

How is cosmetic tattooing done?

A precise hand-held sterile digital or hand held device with all disposable, single-use sterile parts leaving the client in a hygienic environment. A needle penetrates the skin and pigment is released to the appropriate area. It’s the same process used for hundreds of years to create designs on skin.

How permanent is cosmetic tattooing?

Depending on the area treated, age of the client and skin condition a tattoo will last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years. The colour will fade over time depending on the lifestyle choices, skin tones and the pigment used. The client may need a touch-up procedure every 1-3 years to keep the colour vibrant.

The cosmetic tattoo will generally last up to 3-5 years. The colour will slightly fade over time depending on the individual’s lifestyle choices, skin tones and the pigment used. The client may need a touch-up procedure every 3-5 years to keep the colour vibrant.

Should I expect there to be pain involved?

The sensation will vary according to each individual. Most people experience very little or no pain whatsoever. Topical anesthetic is applied for all procedures and liquid anesthetic is run through the tattooing device during the procedure.  Panadol can be taken 45 min prior to the procedure to minimize sensitivity. Some clients are so relaxed, they even fall asleep during the procedure. Note: If you have your menstruation cycle, sick, extremely run down or hangover, there may be slight discomfort with the procedure.

Is there a choice of colour?

We offer an extensive spectrum of colours to suit every client’s requirements, from soft natural pigments to more dramatic options.

How long is recovery?

Every procedure has a different healing time with little or no swelling to the time it takes for the pigment to settle into the skin. This all varies depending on the procedure and the area. There is no downtime, you can resume normal activities straight after your procedure. Keep in mind that you will need to follow the aftercare with certain specifications in order to properly maintain your new tattoo.

The first 3-7 days your tattoo will be slightly darker in appearance than what the final outcome will be.

Is there an age limit on your procedures?

All clients must be over the age of 18.

What's the difference between the traditional tattooing process and permanent makeup?

Both of these procedures involve tattooing the skin. The difference is the machine used, the depth of implantation and the pigments used.

In traditional tattooing, a pigment is added to the third layer of the skin, the subcutaneous.  Where in permanent makeup the pigment is added to the second layer of the skin called the Dermis, creating a final result of a soft blend of colour to the tattooed area.

Body tattooist also use a coil machine which is more powerful and not gently for the face.

Can I suffer from allergic reaction?

If you have ever been allergic to nickel, hair dyes, or latex it is best to have a test patch done in order to determine whether you could suffer from allergic reaction to the pigment.

What if I suffer from cold sores?

We strongly suggest for the client to undergo a course of any of the following antiviral medications to prevent cold sore outbreak after your tattooing procedure.

Lysine is a natural essential amino acid, best taken 1 month before the procedure

Valtrex, which you can obtain a prescription from your doctor, will attack virus immediately. Best to take 2 days before and after the procedure.

For instance, you have a cold sore on your lip and you have your eyebrows or eyeliner tattooed, best to wear Compeed patches in order to prevent spreading.

Mixing in Zovirax with your aftercare cream is recommended.

Contradictions on why I may not be eligible and aftercare information

I’m terribly sorry but you will not be able to get the procedure if you have any of the following:

Not Eligible:

• If you are on Roaccutane. You can get tattooed once you’re off the medication for the same time you were on it. Best to play it safe and wait at least a year.
• Laser treatments, chemical peels or other medical procedures to the facial area should be cautious of the tattoo area
• Keloid scarring,
• Botox – you need to wait at least 2 weeks for brow area (per and post tattooing)
• if you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding
• If you are taking steroids or hormone replacement therapy (Please contact us prior to booking) you may need to wait.
• If you have started Chemotherapy – only remission.
• Active Dermatitis
• Lip fillers you must wait 2 months before getting lip tattooing
• Under the age of 18.

To prepare for your procedure:


• Lip fillers you must wait 2 months before getting lip tattooing
• If you have a particular lipstick or shade you like wearing – bring it in so the technician can match it up.
• Do you suffer from cold sores? We strongly suggest that clients undergo a course of Valtrex antivirals to prevent a cold sore outbreak. You can get a script from your dr.
Call us for more info.
• Condition your lips and hydrate your skin thoroughly.
• Best to avoid alcohol 24 hours before and caffeine the day of the procedures.
• Stop taking any blood thinners one week before.


• Make sure you take off your lashes 1 week before. You will need to wait 3 weeks before replying.
• Once you decide you’re getting your tattoo, hold off on applying any lash growth serums.
• No lasers, Botox or chemical peels before the procedure.
• Best to avoid alcohol 24 hours before and caffeine the day of the procedures.
• Stop taking any blood thinners one week before.

• No eye surgery within the 6 months


• Avoid tinting, henna and lamination, as we need to see the natural colour and shape of your brows for at least 2 -3 weeks prior
• If you draw on your brows daily, best to apply them on the day of the procedure so we can assess your style.
• No lasers, Botox or chemical peels before the procedure, wait at least a month.
• Best to avoid alcohol 24 hours before and caffeine the day of the procedures.
• Stop taking any blood thinners one week before.

What to know:

• With brows, best to get them done 2 weeks at least before any holiday or major event or sporting events.
• Please don’t wear contact lenses to your eyeliner appointment.
• There’s no downtime with lips or eyeliner, very minimal swelling only for up to 1 day. No real scabbing with Nano tattooing.
• Please read aftercare instructions for more info.

Aftercare and touchup information


Please read and follow instructions carefully. Your aftercare is extremely important for the outcome of your new tattoo, along with healing in minimal time with no complications. Please be patient. You will have a loss of colour and the tattoo will shrink. We will make the necessary adjustments at your touch up session. If you have questions, please call us on 0412 144 015.

  • AVOID for 2 weeks: NO soap, cleansers, swimming, sun, saunas, makeup and excessive sweating (Exercise).
  • No scratching or picking, just tap the area if itchy, as you don’t want to scratch pigment away.
  • No facials, Botox, chemical treatments, or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks


  • Apply sunblock daily. Exposure to the sun over time can cause fading and colour change.
  • Avoid Glycolic Acid or peels if you want to keep your tattoo. Anything with active ingredients will lighten the colour with continuous use.
  • Check moisturisers and cleansers as they can also fade tattoo colour if they contain vitamins or AHA’s.


  • Due to slight swelling, your tattoo may not look symmetrical after the procedure–not to worry, this will settle once the swelling goes down.
  • Colours will appear darker/brighter and more sharply defined immediately following the procedure. Colours will lighten and soften in 3- 7 days.
  • When the pigment settles, clients often think the colour is lost or has lightened too much, please be patient, as you can’t judge the true colour til week 4. Colour will continue to come and go based on the stages of exfoliation and healing. It is completely normal to lose up to 50% of the colour in the first session, please don’t worry, that is why we have a perfecting session.
  • You cannot donate blood for 6 months following any cosmetic tattoo procedure.
  • Change your pillowcase to avoid any contact with dust or bacteria.


Every individual is unique based on their skin type and the procedure technique.

  • Dry Healing brings out the best results. If advised by the tattooist, put aftercare ointments provided 1-2 times a day or just when needed. (Keep in mind, other tattooist may have different ways of instructing on aftercare. We believe in dry healing if told otherwise)
  • AVOID for 2 weeks: NO soap, cleansers, swimming, sun, saunas, makeup and excessive sweating (Exercise).


  • No water for 2 days.
  • Avoid spicy foods, lipsticks, gloss, hot drinks, red wine, kissing or citrus drinks for 5 days.
  • Use a cold pack wrapped in gladwrap if needed.
  • Your lips will be very dry. It’s important to keep them moist with CTM aftercare. If you have dry pieces of skin do not pull or pick at them. Let the lips exfoliate naturally.
  • You still may get a cold sore after the tattoo even if you have never in the past, as the virus may live dormant in your system. If so, take over-the-counter Famvir, a prescription from your Dr. of Valtrex or L-lysine. Also can alternate applications with your aftercare cream and Zovirax.
  • Continue to constantly hydrate the lips to prepare for your 2nd procedure.
  • Avoid lip licking! The enzymes in your saliva will break down the pigment in the centre of your lip. If this happens, we will correct at the touch up.


  • The eye area will feel like windburn, avoid rubbing. Eyeliner usually heals within about 3 days. The thickness will shrink and it won’t be as dark once healed. Remember, we will make any adjustments in thickness and colour at your second appointment.
  • NO mascara or eye make-up for 7 days.
  • Use a cold pack wrapped in Gladwrap if needed.
  • No wearing contact lenses for 3 days.
  • Use aftercare cream if sore, otherwise, not to worry.


  • MUST be booked between 4-8 weeks and lips at least 6 weeks. We cannot do the touch up any sooner. Any adjustments to colour and shape are made on your second visit, please be patient.
  • It is essential that you book in for your perfecting session 4- 8 weeks after your first initial consultation. Failure to book in will cause an overall impact on our ability to guarantee the longevity of your tattoo and will take the technician longer to complete.
  • Tattooing is a two-step procedure; to perfect your new tattoo, you will need your perfecting session.

*** If left any longer than 4-8 weeks ADDITIONAL FEES MAY APPLY.


Take into consideration that everyone’s skin takes tattoo pigment differently. Lifestyle will also be a contributing factor; hence, people will need touch-ups at different stages.

Hair stroke: 8-14 months Powder Brow: 1-2 years Lips & Eyeliner: 2-3 years. Touch-ups are charged at $150 hours and can usually complete in 1-2 hours.

*Please note that tattooing is a two-step process. Results will vary from person to person. It is important to know that the pre-existing skin conditions, medications, lifestyle factors and healing response can potentially affect the tattoo. To ensure the best results, looking after your new tattoo with the utmost care will assist in better healing and even pigment retention. We will supply you with aftercare creams and instructions, you need to thoroughly read and follow.
We need to manage the expectations of our clients when there are possible complications. Again, please be aware that this is a two-step process and if you have followed all instructions, we will go above and beyond for our clients to achieve the most desired result.

*Download our aftercare sheet for more information on how to look after your tattoo.

You have any questions, please feel free to contact us.