Eyelash Lift & Tint


Eyelash Lift and Tint

Elevate your gaze with our lash lift-and-tint treatment, where beauty meets care. We prioritise your lash health, using only premium products to ensure a safe and nourishing experience. Say farewell to the daily struggle of curling wands and mascara as we expertly enhance your lashes for a subtle yet alluring effect.

Our meticulous two-step process involves a gentle perm to lift and elongate your lashes, coupled with a tinting treatment to add depth and fullness. Whether you desire extra volume, length, or definition, our customisable options cater to your preferences.

The result? Luxuriously fluttering lashes that exude glamour and sophistication, lasting for weeks on end. Wake up to effortlessly radiant eyes each morning, knowing your lashes are in the best hands. Experience the magic of our lash lift-and-tint treatment, where beauty, health, and quality converge to elevate your natural allure.


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