Eyebrow Tattooing


Eyebrow Tattooing Melbourne

Eyebrow tattooing is ideal for women who like a more defined look or filled in brow. Those who are used to applying pencil, can do any activity without the embarrassment of losing their brows.

This non- invasive, innovated procedure will instantly take years off, and save hours of frustration trying to draw your own eyebrows. You will no longer need to tint, wax, thread as your tattoo is a guide for where to pluck.

Eyebrow tattoos are a fantastic way of achieving the ‘open eye’ effect, which creates the appearance of a facelift.

For creating the perfect brow, CTM works with your natural brow shape to create a subtle and natural look. Eyebrows are naturally asymmetrical, but we want to compromise with your natural growth, without losing too much hair. Waxing off or completely tattooing so far out of the natural growth can devastate someone that has a good brow base.

We offer multiple styles. We will help you decide on the day based on your natural brow.


Feather-touch–Micro-blading is a technique whereby fine strokes penetrate the skin to create a natural hair-like finish.


Powder Brow is a soft and natural look that suit most clients. Although most clients are into the idea of the feather stroke, a soft and shaded powder brow looks amazing on all. Great for girls wanting a more defined brow to highlight their eyes more.


Ombre Brows have been a huge trend in makeup and tattooing. We create a softer shaded tattoo at the bridge of the nose, continuing on with a bolder brow for definition.


Corrections can fix that discoloured pigment or unwanted shape that is not perfectly symmetrical. Therefore, you always want to do your research before going to a cheap or unqualified tattooist. If we cannot rectify the previous tattoo, fading sessions are available to help ease the pigment base.

Too many options? Book in or call us for a consultation.

* No plucking, waxing or shaving of the hair will be required before your procedure. We will simulate your preferred brow shape, then remove any unwanted hair with your permission that is not within the design of the tattoo.

* Cosmetic Tattoo can be a fantastic investment in saving money elsewhere, as most clients find that ongoing tinting, waxing or threading is not needed as your tattoo will act as a guide for where to pluck.

CTM guarantees satisfaction with the “Baby Steps Method” technique. Rather than rushing into having overly thick eyebrows. This method ensures that there is no room for error. It’s always easier to add to your tattoo rather than having to remove it later.


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