Lash & Brow


Lash & Brow

Lash Lift & Tint


A subtle and sexy look to open those eyes and darken those lashes so you don’t even have to wear mascara! Ditch your curling wand and lengthen your lashes with them being perfectly in place with extra volume. Add a little bit of mascara and people will think you’re wearing false eyelashes.

A lash lift-and-tint treatment involves two separate processes; a combination of the perm and tinting for fullness and added body. You can either do one, the other or both together for the sexiest result! Fluttering eyelashes that will last you for weeks!

Eyelash Extensions


We use only the best glues, lashes and techniques to ensure longer-lasting lashes with maintaining optimal lash health to the highest level! From fluffy to extra fluffy, different colours, we love using Lashbox LA as our supplier.


We design our own fan lashes whilst performing the procedure, rather than using pre-made ones that weigh your lashes down and create an artificial look along with destroying the lash long term. Our meticulously strategic fan extensions have exactly the right weight for each lash that can range between 3 to 10 ultra-lightweight extensions for one natural lash.


We offer 4 types of Eyelash Extensions at CTM: Classic, Hybrid, Russian Volume, Mega Volume.

Henna Brows


Thinking of getting a brow tattoo and not sure what it will look like? Henna brow tinting is an excellent starting point and is the perfect addition to your brow sculpting service. Try a temporary brow tattoo, with natural plant pigment to achieve a natural-looking, fuller brow that no one can tell is not your natural brow.


Henna tinting lightly stains the skin and fades to a subtle natural matte finish and will last approximately three weeks depending on your skin type. Natural henna tinting will create that perfect shape to be proud of! Henna brows camouflage gaps in over-plucked brows and sparse brow hair resulting in a magnificently sculpted brow!


Choose from a variety of brow tint shades to complement your hair and skin tone. Henna tinting is vegan-friendly and all-natural. It contains no peroxides or preservatives, so it’s a great alternative for those with sensitive skin and prone to irritation. Henna brow tint lasts considerably longer than an average eyebrow tint.


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Eyebrow Lamination

Keratin Brow Lamination

Get those brows looking smoking hot with our Eyebrow Lamination! Generally our brows normally start growing out of control with a mind of their own. With Eyebrow Lamination, we can tame those unruly cray cray brows to become super smooth, less course, and sit perfectly in place. Keratin is a special formulated treatment that straightens the hair and helps gain symmetry whilst being gentle on those precious hairs.

Brow Threading

Our very skilled cosmetic tattoo artist can quickly get rid of any of those unwanted hairs with no pain, extreme accuracy that will save you time and money! Threading is more hygienic and precise to maintain the desired shape and size. Threading is a simple and fast process with no pain and redness.

Brow Wax

Our very skilled cosmetic tattoo artist can quickly get rid of any of those unwanted hairs with no pain, extreme accuracy that will save you time and money! Waxing hair removal is a technique using hot wax that removes the hair from its root, swift and fast creating an ultra-smooth finish on the skin.