Scalp Micro Pigmentation Melbourne


Scalp Micropigmentation Melbourne

Is hair loss troubling you? Scalp Micro-pigmentation will give you a great looking, new hairstyle! You’ll walk away feeling confident, appearing to carry a full head of hair, buzz-cut style. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair loss you have; we can create a natural-looking style for you.

Age, skin tone and hair colour are no obstacles. We will listen to your worries and adapt our solution to what you need. Scalp micro pigmentation is the most natural, permanent solution for hair loss: balding, thinning, surgical scars and alopecia. SMP can also mask transplants and scars, as well as add density to hair transplant areas.

Our immensely competent clinicians at Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne are ready to empower you with this ingenious cosmetic procedure. The look is authentic and indistinguishable unless you elect to tell people. Say goodbye forever to hair fibres, wig systems, and hiding under hats.

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What is Scalp Micro-pigmentation?

SMP, also known as a hair tattoo, is a unique, non-invasive cosmetic procedure performed by our highly trained technicians at CTM. You’ll love the immediate, long-lasting results! In a few hours, you’ll have your natural hairline back. Your face will have a further definition, you’ll look younger and feel more confident.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation is a thoroughly effective solution for people who experience hair loss. Our highly skilled technicians apply specialised pigment to the scalp using an intricate, dotting method, creating multiple layers. It’s permanent and mimics the appearance of hair follicles without surgical reconstruction, hair transplants, or other invasive procedures. SMP blends with any remaining hair and with your skin tone, looking natural. Talk to the professionals at Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne about this fabulous, long-lasting opportunity. We’re sure you’ll thoroughly love the results!

Male Treatments

Significant balding affects about one in five men in their 20s, about one in three men in their 30s and nearly half of men in their 40s.

Existing hair loss products have not changed or improved for many years. It’s easy to see why men are looking for another alternative! Scalp Micropigmentation at Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne could be the perfect solution for you. It’s the only proven solution with guaranteed, permanent results.


Hairline recreation

At CTM, we specialise in concealing hair loss, replacing thinning hairlines, forming new hairlines with a 3D shadow effect, as well as adding definition to diminishing hairlines.

We will form an absolutely customised hairline, designed solely for and with you. Choose from a light and subtle, natural look, or something more defined and fuller. We always consider your face shape, and your natural hairline, and acknowledge your ethnicity, age and style.

At your first appointment, we’ll draw on the suggested hairline design with a wax pencil. For there, we’ll correct it as we discuss your preferences further. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, we’ll begin building the density of your hairline. In the subsequent sessions, we’ll develop upon the initial subtle design, providing for shifts as required.


SMP is optimal for men and women who prefer to conceal thinning hair. We do this by tattooing simulated hairs on your scalp. We match these simulated follicles to your standing follicle size and colour to ensure a natural and seamless result. This effectively reduces the visible variation between your scalp and your hair. You are not obliged to shave your hair, since we simply concentrate on filling out the differences between your natural hair follicles.


Female pattern baldness 

Female pattern hair loss affects one in three women. It is permanent hair loss and can be agonizing for the sufferer. While some recommend that changes in diet and lifestyle may be useful, camouflaging is another suitable option.

Perhaps you are one of these women who has understood that you have alopecia or female pattern hair loss. The great news is that SMP is a dynamic strategy for a condition which ordinarily presents minimal treatment opportunities.

Hair loss in women takes place for many reasons, including hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, after chemotherapy, iron or vitamin deficiency, stress, immune disorders, diabetes and lupus, over-styling of hair, and post-pregnancy hair loss.

By camouflaging hair loss, we can serve you. We do not foresee the need for you to shave your hair for this treatment. We add pigment under your existing hair. The look is a fuller, undetectable hairstyle that looks more like the authentic you!

Female Hairlines

Our clinicians are experts at constructing natural, subtle hairlines for women. We will attend to your concerns, offer guidance, and collaborate with you to establish your desired look.

We concentrate on thickening baby hair in the hairline zone, matching and duplicating your natural follicle size and colour. CTM artists will tattoo around your natural hair follicles to fill in the areas between skin and hair. This basically establishes the illusion of fuller, denser hair.

Female Pattern Hair Loss affects one in three women, Hair loss can occur in women for reasons other than female pattern baldness, including the following:

  • Temporary shedding of hair that may occur after surgery, pregnancy or after illness
  • Iron or vitamin deficiency
  • Breaking of hair from styling treatments, twisting or pulling of hair
  • Certain skin condition
  • Alopecia areata – an immune disorder causing temporary or permanent hair loss
  • Chemotherapy and some other medications
  • Hormonal imbalance (excess testosterone or thyroid hormone imbalance)
  • Diseases like diabetes or Lupus

Fuller, Thicker Hair – Getting You, Back To You.

Scar Camouflage 

If you have a scar that is troubling you, scalp micro-pigmentation is a powerful way to disguise the area. Perhaps you have scarring from a wound or from a hair transplant. No matter the cause of the scar, our therapists can treat all shapes and sizes of the scar on your scalp or face. Where the scars are located, the follicles may be impaired and so no hair grows. Scar tissue will absorb pigments somewhat more than normal skin. Thus, instead of 3 treatments, maybe you require 4-5 sessions.

Scar camouflage will enable you more freedom with your hairstyle options. You might prefer to cut or shave your hair but are concerned about scars showing. Our clinicians will imitate the look of hair follicles in layers to blend into the scar, making it indistinguishable. With patchy beards, we can also employ the same technique to generate a denser look.


Alopecia doesn’t stand a chance against Scalp Micropigmentation! 

SMP is the ideal technique to disguise alopecia. That’s because we care for the affected area, as well as treating the full surrounding scalp. We conceal hair loss and obscure the areas meticulously and seamlessly. Our trained therapists treat light patches and sizeable areas. We ensure hairlines look natural, all the way through to the neck area and around the ears.



We’re authorities in cosmetic tattooing infection control. Our competent technicians are superb at attention to detail and creating symmetry. With years of experience in pointillism, or artists have successfully treated thousands of clients. And hold qualifications in Advanced Scalp Micro-pigmentation. They also continue to update their training to stay up to date with the latest technology and procedures.



You might be worried that as your hair changes colour as you age, there might be a distinction between the tattooed colour and your new hair colour. However, be heartened that the pigments we apply settle into the scalp and become lighter in time. So instead of going for a touch up to darken fading pigment, you would avoid touch-ups, and allow the pigment to lighten.



We perform three separate sessions, which last for 2 to 3 hours. This hinges upon your individual needs, including the extent of hair loss and required density preference.

For the best results, it is necessary that we follow the following timelines:

  1. During the first treatment, we will design your new hairline and lay the foundations.
  2. The second treatment will be roughly seven days after the first treatment. This is where we add more density and adjust.
  3. If by chance you need a third visit, we schedule the last treatment one month after your second treatment. Here, we continue adding density and complete the design.

You are welcome to take breaks throughout your sessions as required.



SMP is a type of medical tattoo, however, it is certainly not the same technique applied to a conventional tattoo. Our therapists use needles, ink and apparatus that are not the same as that used tattooing, as well as specific pigment on the scalp rather than ordinary tattoo ink. Trained SMP therapists should solely perform SMP and not by tattoo artists.



SMO can last a lifetime and is low maintenance with touch-ups as required. The need for touch-ups will depend upon how you care for your treatment and UV exposure and your personal immune system. Customers require touch-ups from between 3-6 years and take roughly 2 hours in total.



SMP is the only hair loss treatment that guarantees results.

There are so many cons to procedures like hair transplants, which are expensive if repetition is involved, can leave scars and deliver average results which may not even stand the test of time. In the same vein, hair loss is an ongoing expense, has been disappointing and delivers average results.

Compare this experience with SMP: A treatment which is accessible by men and women of all ages, where you get instant and permanent results which are indistinguishable.



CTM delivers SMP in such a way as it is a subtle and unnoticeable change. The dots formed by our microneedles are blended seamlessly into your hair, with no distinct change. Some of the feedback we’ve received from clients includes friends merely acknowledging that they are naturally looking well, powerless to detect why.



This depends on your individual case. Our therapists will advise you at the time of appraisal. However, if your hair is simply thinning in areas, or has an existing transplant, it may be the case that we can blend in those areas to create density and you can maintain your existing hair length. But if are suffering from alopecia or severe pattern baldness, we would propose shaving, in order to build the illusion of a full head of shaved hair.



Our SMP pigments are made for micro-pigmentation only. They are of the highest quality. They are organic, do not include animal products, are 100% safe and absolutely tested, and do not incorporate nasty chemicals. We further guarantee that our SMP pigments will not change colour over their life.



No, SMP does not harm your existing hair growth or the hair growth that has ensued from hair transplants. It is not uncommon for clients to fuse their SMP and transplant hair to create a thicker look.


It is rare for clients to experience redness, apart from the initial 24 hours. However, this depends upon your skin type.


Most of our clients have not experienced pain during the treatment. Some may indeed fall asleep, finding the treatment relaxing. For others, they describe mild discomfort rather than pain.


Yes. Many of our clients have undergone hair transplant procedures and have not received their desired results. In these cases, we use our Scalp Micropigmentation treatment to create a thicker look to any thinning hair.

We also treat clients who have head scars of any type including those from Hair Transplants.



This will differ according to how much hair you have lost. We will present a quote after the first quick assessment. We can do this in person, or you might prefer to email photos in. Your photos are kept strictly confidential and are deleted once no longer required.

Should you decide to proceed with the treatment, a deposit is required, which we then put towards the full value of your treatment.


You can return to work promptly after your treatment. During the first week after treatment, avoid exercising and excessive sweating, and wetting the area to ensure that the treatment has the best chance to hold. Avoid hats, swimming, rinsing your hair and shaving during this first week, too.

You will be provided with written directives for aftercare.



After several years you may feel that you want to have a touch-up session to perhaps slightly change the style of your treatment or give it a darker look. Touch-ups are priced at our rate of £250 per hour and usually last around 1 – 2 hours, depending on the area and coverage required.



At CTM, we comply with rigorous hygiene specifications, as established by the Department of Health. We follow all government protocols to the letter for blood-borne pathogens and infection control. Our clinicians solely use single-use needles with gloves and ensure that we meticulously dispose of them.



All Scalp Micropigmentation treatments are performed over 3 separate treatment sessions.
Treatment schedules are set as shown below:

  • Treatment 2: Seven days after
  • Treatment 3: Four weeks after

After your 1st treatment session, your 2nd treatment will be performed 7 days later, you will then receive your 3rd treatment 4 weeks after that. During each treatment session, we create an even layering of SMP.

Treatment sessions will last 2 to 3 hours each depending on the extent of your hair loss and the density you require. Short breaks can be taken throughout your treatment sessions and your practitioner will ask if you require breaks during your treatment, alternatively if you need a break just let the practitioner know.

  • Treatment 1 is where we design your new hairline and lay the foundations of your SMP treatment.
  • Treatment 2 is where we take your feedback and add more density to your treatment. We can also make slight changes at this point if required. Your practitioner will discuss this with you.
  • Treatment 3 is where we add more density and perfect your result

Although there is slight leniency on the treatment schedule, it is important that once committed, the treatment stages are kept to give you the best results.

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All prices include 2 sessions.
Women: Female pattern baldness: Density creation $1000 – $1,500
Men: Full Head / Hairline recreation $1,800 -$2,300
Men: Bald Patches / Crown / Density $1,000-$1,500 depend on size of area
Transplant Surgeries Scar $1,500-$2,000


3rd session if required or ongoing touchups are charged at $150 hour.


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