Skin Packages


Skin Needling Melbourne

Feeling Fresh

Derma-planning + Skin Needling + Jelly mask + LED Light Therapy

(2 hours)

By infusing these treatments, you will get optimal results for soft rejuvenated skin. Get rid of all the peach fuzz, dead cell debris and build-up of makeup with derma planning, then hit the dermal layer with hyaluronic skin needling to kick start the cells for hard-hitting results you’ll see for months to come. And lastly a Jelly mask with collagen to soothe the skin’s erythema and rehydrate.


Full Skin Tightening & Lifting Rejuvenation Package

Skin needling + LED Light Therapy + Plasma

(Separated for a 2 week period)

Alleviate enlarged pores, irregular skin tone and texture, tighten and lift with the fastest healing response. By combining these three fabulous treatments and you will experience the most desired skin results. Start with 3 sessions of skin needling to kick start your cells for regulating better functionality of the cells and then stimulate the mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of your cell with Tri factor LED.

With prepping with VIT C 20% and stimulating the skin, you’ll experience the most amazing outcome for your plasma treatment. Choose any targeted areas or full face for the complete facelift.


Get the lift

LED + Plasma

(1.5 hours)

Get the cells of your skin supercharged with Tri factor LED which treat every layer of your skin for amazing results and faster healing response when you do plasma fibroblast. 3 x complimentary sessions valued at $150 when you book any plasma lifting tightening session.

Check out more info on plasma therapy and what it can do for your skin on our service page.


Time to relax

Dermaplaning + Jelly Mask + Cooling wands

(1.5 hours)

Enjoy the benefits of Dermaplaning with our relaxing detoxifying hydrating jelly mask to improve the skin’s barrier function followed by our lymphatic drainage cooling wand massage.


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